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Okay, I’m good… I think.


Hello everyone, my name is Kristine. I enjoy spending long hours in bed cuddling my dog. When I’m not asleep or lazy, I’m pouring my soul into my art.

“Art is _____ .” That is the phrase that has been buzzing around my head ever since I started making this site (please don’t judge, it’s a work in progress, just like my life). I’m known for creative ideas, I’m also known for finishing a handful of projects I start. (I blame my ADD). I want to be better with accomplishing my goals, hence the work in progress site. I’m not gonna let fear hold me back, I’m running face first at the world.

My main goal is to share my art with the world, I want to change peoples perspectives so they feel confident enough to step out of their comfort zone. Easier said than done, obviously. If I were ignorant I would tell you that I chose art to help the world, but I’ve learned a few things in my 23.8 years here on Earth. I didn’t choose art, it chose me.

I hope you all follow me on my journey, I will be posting about my upcoming series, my life, my struggles as an artist, and my happy moments.

Stay tuned…